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Do you need a water purifier for home use, but don’t know which is the best-branded water purifier or the right water purifier? Rainbow AquaFresh Systems is the best choice to buy the best water purifiers in India


Rainbow Aquafresh Systems uses a new technology, which minimizes wastage of water during the RO purification process.

It uses Eco Recovery technology, which provides water recovery of up to 60%

This reduces the amount of water rejection and saves up to 80 glasses per day compared to a regular RO water purifier. Why delay, get the best water purifier for your home today.

Highest Water Saving

Rainbow Aquafresh Systems have the highest water-saving RO technology with a recovery rate of up to 60%. Compared to other water purifiers, this product can help you save a lot of water.

7 Stage Purification Process

Rainbow Aquafresh Systems have a 7-stage purification process. Replenishes water with essential minerals for the human body. Provides safe and clean drinking water.

Great Storage Capacity

Rainbow Aquafresh Systems having a great water storage capacity of 10 liters which is enough for a large family. Due to water saving, you can save up to 80 glasses of water per day compared to other RO water purifiers.

1 Year Brand Warranty

When you buy a water purifier from Rainbow Aquafresh Systems you get a 1 year brand warranty on the product, you can also get a free water purifier installation service at your home


Purifiers we serviced in Brands

RAF Undersink

From ₹ 9,500/-

To ₹ 11,000/-

Aqua Jade

From ₹ 8,500/-

To ₹ 9,500/-

RAF Aqua Grand+

From ₹ 8,500/-

To ₹ 10,500/-

Aqua Cyclone

From ₹ 8,500/-

To ₹ 10,500/-


From  ₹ 13,000/- 

To  ₹ 15,000/- 

RAF Thunder

From ₹ 9,500/-

To ₹ 11,500/-


Most trusted Water Purifier Suppliers in Hyderabad

Rainbow Aquafresh Systemshas come up to safeguard you and your family against any kind of water-borne diseases, with its unique and stringent Water Purification Systems that match the Indian standards in their efficacy to deliver best water purifiers.

Trusted suppliers for over 15 years

For the last 15 years Rainbow Aquafresh Systems have been providing the best water purifiers in India with 100% customer satisfaction especially in Hyderabad, also providing water purifiers repair and services to overcome customer problems with water purifiers.

Great Customer Service

We are at our best in providing customer service to buyers and people of Hyderabad who are suffering from water purifier problem and in general, we provide services for repair of all water purifiers.

Top Rated Purifiers in india

Easy Doorstep Installation

Ongoing customer supporrt

Experts Service for Repair



RAF Dolphin

From ₹ 7,500/-

To ₹ 8,000/-

RAF 100LpH

From ₹ 30,500/-

To ₹37,000/-

RAF Glory

From ₹ 9,500/-

To ₹ 11,500/-


Happy Customer Says

S.V.S Narayana

The technician who attended to the problem knew his job thouroughly and did an excellent job. When we complained of a problem of leakage after day 1 of repair, he promptly attended the next day without any extra charge. Excellent service. Thank you, Aquafresh

Amar Nakka

I have been using Aquagard for the last 3 years, but I am not satisfied with Aquagard service, I found Rainbow on Google, within 3 hours and they came and solved my problem at a reasonable price, I really appreciate their technicians, recommend service.

Best Purifier Models

Reasonable Pricing Plan



100% Coconut shell Carbon Filter

100 GPD High Capacity imported Pump

100Ltrs/Hr Purification Capacity

Free 24/7 support

Easy maintenance



100% Coconut shell Carbon Filter

150 GPD High Capacity imported Pump

12Ltrs Storage Capacity

Free 24/7 support

Fully Automatic with Auto start and auto-off



100% Coconut shell Carbon Filter

150 GPD High Capacity imported Pump

50Ltrs Purification Capacity

Free 24/7 support

Suitable for offices and commercial usage




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